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Model of London architecture

Blackfriars buildings

Proposed London architecture Here’s a couple of photo’s of the architectural model housed in the Building Design Centre, in central London:

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Container homes

Wpid Wp 1409835290628

Container homes under construction in Hackney, on the banks of Regents Canal

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Now starting AECOSIM training

Holtcivils has now started AECOSIM training with CadVenture in central London. Bentley AECOSIM is probably how Autodesk would have liked to have designed their BIM software as it is far more flexible in its approach than Revit. Looking forward to future cad contracts based on this new style of BIM CAD software.

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3d temporary structure design in Autocad

July and August 2014 saw a new project undertaken by, that of 3d scaffold and temporary structure design. This was undertaken on behalf of a global event company based in London. Packages used include 2d and 3d Autocad, Sketchup and the Kerkythea rendering system.

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